High Priestress


It is the most fantastic outfit designed by Violator and this incredible skin comes from LionSkin.
Lion Skin worn: grey MOORE 7
Violator outfit worn: After a rainy day, green forest

Tomorrow, on August 31th comes the BLUE MOON.

A little reminder, a year before, in Summer 2011, I had the big luck to win the « REAL SURREAL CONTEST! » organized by Violator – LionSkin !!!!

Tomorrow, will take place the Blue Moon. This is not happening so often and I immediately thought of my winner picture. I think it could be a nice illustration of this event.

But what is the blue moon? The Blue Moon occurs when the full moon appears twice in the same month. It is also called the moon of the purposes or the moon of the witches: The moment to make an assessment. Recognize our errors, become aware of changes to be made… This blue moon marks a new start. GREAT! Take time to write your projects and intentions to be realized ; the visions and the dreams that you settle August 31st, 2012, before the next blue moon …… of July 30th, 2015 ….. OUPSS! A little bit far!!! The energy of the moon opens us of numerous gates and we feel a lot of strength and power in our purposes and in our deepest and the most sincere wishes. It is also the time to connect with our lineage « mother » That of the priestesses and the shamankas…. Fairies and enchantresses. This moon is considered as a special moment, grants a particular attention.

A part of my Interview for AvCon Magazine by Sitea Writer:

What did your photo symbolically represent to you?

The total integration of the woman in nature. I like this theme. Fusion of the human being and the nature. The solitude and the sadness are wrapped, sublimated by the power of elements and the woman is totally released from it. She draws from natural resources to exceed her feelings. So she can shine at night.

The woman totally harmonized in mother nature at night. Night is a moment of great inspiration and Moon is dream. Both are bringing a great potential for creation. Water symbolizes the feelings. These strong symbols altogether make the photo so magnetic. Of course, the skin and the outfit contribute widely to create this atmosphere. Both suit perfectly the theme I think.

Nature is the highest quality of energy for me.